Lead Cloud Engineer

1-10 employees
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Software Engineering
Full-time employee
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1. Leading: Own the Earthly cloud platform with everything that it entails.
2. Building and Architecting: Develop the platform from the ground up and own its design, architecture, development, release, maintenance and monitoring end-to-end (high-quality software engineering, appropriate tradeoffs between simplicity and long-term stability, listening to user feedback, adequate release strategy, coordinating with teammates etc)
3. Maintain infrastructure: Put together and maintain supporting cloud infrastructure for the Earthly cloud platform, consisting of AWS and open-source products.
4. Integrate: Help contribute to the Earthly open-source offering and the way the open-source project integrates with the cloud offering.5. Culture: As an early team-member, you have the responsibility of developing and shaping the culture of the company to make it the workplace of your dreams. This requires time, leadership and investment. In addition, help foster a culture of high-quality engineering within the team.


- Solid experience as a Software Engineer
- Minimum 7 years experience as a software engineer, including delivering and maintaining software in production.
- Minimum 6 years delivering and being responsible for software in production.
- Solid Go.
- Solid understanding of Docker, Bash, Makefiles, build systems in general and CI/CD tools (eg Jenkins, Circle, Travis, GH Actions).
- Experience with gRPC and protobuf.
- Keen eye for high quality engineering standards.
- Solid experience as an Operations Engineer
- Minimum 2 years experience as an Operations Engineer / SRE / DevOps, or equivalent responsibility
- Solid AWS and Terraform experience.
- Experience maintaining cloud infrastructure consisting of SQL, Redis, S3, Nginx, Vault, Prometheus, Graphana, ELK stack or similar technologies
- Experience with modern DevOps practices, including frequent releases
- Experience with AWS Fargate.
- Bonus points for experience with Kubernetes.
- Leadership
- Experience as the lead engineer of a critical product.
- Alignment to the company culture
- Early team member of the company: need to be scrappy and resourceful
- Early team member of the company: tons of freedom, high impact, but also requires a lot of responsibility
- Experience with remote working. Fully distributed team
- Foster the Earthly culture within the company. The name “Earthly” was chosen from the expression “Down to Earth”
- Being friendly and accessible. Convey these values through your actions and your leadership.


- Healthcare, dental, vision plans including dependents
- Work from home company culture
- Incentive stock plan
- Credits for gym or activity equipment
- Credits for lunch delivery at home
- Work as part of a company with a strong open-source culture. Many contributions are visible and recognized publicly.
- Work at an early stage company, where your actions have high impact. An environment with boundless freedom and high responsibility. Excellent if you want to pursue the founder path in your career.

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