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Software Engineering
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Role Description

ComFreight is the only startup in the logistics and trucking space that is focused on fintech. We're helping thousands of businesses in North America and are on a path to serve hundreds of thousands more.

We're also backed by some of the most respected early-stage venture capital from the bay area like Initialized Capital and MHS Capital.

We're looking for an experienced engineer with a backend focus who has an eye for improving an API's ability to scale and a love for improving and engineering processes and workflows. This role will be responsible for direct API development, implementing test-driven development and will be able to contribute to our dev-ops strategy.

Some of the most helpful skills for our project related to this role are:

Knowledge of Postgres, Celery, Python 2.7 and Python 3.x

Django experience a big plus.

  • 4 years of production Python experience
  • 1-2 years of production AWS experience
  • Experience with test-driven development and CI
  • Experience with Redis and RabbitMQ (a plus)

Any previous educational or professional experience with logistics, finance or accounting is also a big plus but is not required.

We look forward to connecting with you and seeing if you're the right fit to join our awesome team on this amazing journey.

Company Culture

On the tech side, we like people who communicate clearly, communicate early, and communicate often. We're very big on communication and like written communication for outlining large ideas and most day to day communication occurs over Slack.

We also have in-person meetings 1 – 2x/week to dive deep on complex architectural issues and get through questions that are team-wide issues. Breakouts are encouraged and we love seeing two engineers at a screen working through a hard problem together when collaboration is needed.

Lastly, we want people who stress the details because that’s what enable us to be truly extraordinary as a company. From UI/UX to backend financial management which requires project-wide logical consistencies, attention to detail ensures that we avoid hemorrhaging money especially as we process hundreds of millions of dollars through our growing pipeline of clients.

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